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How To Strop Your Straight Razor

Hang the strop on furniture. Hanging strops have a hook you can attach to a solid surface, such as a bedpost or knob on a bathroom drawer. After every shave or honing, you should take time to strop your razor. It’ll smooth out the edges and give you a better, more comfortable shave.
  • The canvas side works well enough between shaves. After honing, use the leather side.

Hold the handle of the blade against the far end of the strop. Pull the strop tight with your free hand. Move the blade to the far end of the strop. Hold the blade by the shank, keeping the sharp edge pointed away from you.

Stroke the blade towards you. Make sure the strop is pulled tight, or else you’ll end up with a rounded blade. Stroke the blade all the way towards you while holding it against the strop. Make sure you use light pressure and don’t lift the blade at all.

Flip the blade and stroke backwards. Roll the blade over on its spine. Don’t let the sharp edge touch the strop. The edge should now face towards you. Run the blade along the strop to the other end the same way you did before.

Repeat stropping until your blade is smooth. Usually you will need about 30 strokes, which amounts to 15 for each side. You can’t strop the blade too much. When you begin, move slowly and gently. As you learn you will be able to move faster and find that stropping takes no time at all.




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